CLASSIC Bronze-Liner Installation Instructions

Boring Operation

The first operation is to install the parts from the Reamer Kit onto the Boring Reamer. Install the BUSHING, then the SPRING, and finally the RETAINER. You now have a Reamer Package.

Insert the REAMER PACKAGE in an Air Drill. The proper drill should exceed 1000 rpm's UNDER LOAD. Next choose the appropriate 60˚ SEAT COLLAR for your applicaiton.

Insert the Reamer Pilot into the valve guide to be bored, and hold the 60˚ Seat Collar down on the valve seat. Ream time should be about 5 seconds. NOTE: CAST IRON GUIDES SHOULD BE BORED DRY.

Installation Operation

Once all the guides are bored oversize, turn the cylinder head over so the "spring side" is up. WET BRUSH each bored guide with a nylon brush and lube, such as WD-40.

Insert the Auto-Driver in a "Short Stroke" Pneumatic Hammer (more than 3,000 blows per minute), set the regulator at about half, and install the Bronze-Liner. Installation time should be about 3 to 5 seconds.

The Auto-Driver will install the Bronze-Liner "FLUSH", and any excess will be protruding out of the other side.

CAUTION: Distortion will occur on the Bronze-Liner if too much power is used, making sizing difficult.

Finishing Operation

Select a Carbide Sizing Ball .001˝ larger than the desired finished size, as the Bronze will spring back slightly after Ball Sizing.

Hold the tip of the BALL DRIVER with your finger and thumb, with slight down pressure, start driving the Ball. Once the driver tip is inside, relocate your hand underneath to catch the Sizing Ball.

Note the excess material protruding. This will be trimmed off in the next operation.

Trimming to Length

Insert the appropriate PILOT into the TRIMMING TOOL. Install the Trimming Tool into a 500 rpm drill.

Download CLASSIC Bronze-Liner Installation Instructions

Trim off any excess material.

If a "burr" is created during this operation, it can be removed with the CHAMFER TOOL that has been installed in a "T" handle.


As a final step prior to assembly, we recommend that the Bronze-Liner be flex-honed. This increases the surface finish, which fives the guide greater oil retention.


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