CLASSIC Keepers by Michigan Engine Supplies

Offset Valve Locks Designed to Eliminate Spring Shims


CLASSIC KEEPERS eliminate the need for spring shims, which reduces inventory size;


All CLASSIC KEEPERS are heat-treated. Hardening maximizes service life;


CLASSIC KEEPERS have the bead location moved and are available in "PLUS" and "MINUS" bead locations. Moving the location of the bead repositions the retainer to either increase or decrease spring tension;


Increasing spring tension (using "PLUS" locks) eliminates the need for spring shims;


Decreasing spring tension (using MINUS" locks) allows the use of longer valves or springs and are generally used in the hi-performance industry;


"PLUS" KEEPERS automatically provide more tip protrusion above the retainer;


CLASSIC KEEPERS are color coded for quick identification.


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