Crankshaft Sleeves & Installation Tools

CLASSIC offers total product quality with state-of-the-art die manufacturing and in-process controls. This insures that CLASSIC Sleeves are the finest available.


Rebuilders have always had a major concern with a groove worn in the crankshaft by the seal. A CLASSIC Sleeve gives the shaft a new surface for the seal to function properly.


CLASSIC Sleeves Offer The Following Benefits

1.   CLASSIC Sleeves are manufactured using 430 Series stainless. This provides a very tough and durable surface.


2.   CLASSIC Sleeves are polished at the factory to a surface finish of 10-20 Ra. Tests have shown this to be an ideal finish for the seal.


3.   CLASSIC sleeves are polished to a specific manner, creating a pattern that leads the surplus oil inward to the crankcase.


4.   CLASSIC Sleeves can be repolished, if desired.


5.   CLASSIC Sleeves are also available in "Undersize". These are know as "B" part numbers. The "B" sleeve is installed on a shaft that has been ground undersize to the specification provided. Once installed, this area is now back to a standard size. An added benefit to frinding undersize is that all groove wear is now eliminated instead of being "covered-up" which insures proper heat transfer.

Slide Hammer Installation Tool

For Rear Crankshaft Sleeves





PART NO. 9111

CLASSIC has designed this tool for improved performance in installing rear sleeves. Pilots thread to the main shaft, allowing for quick change over. CLASSIC sleeves are easily and squarely installed without warping. Three pilots providing six different dimensions are supplied. Optional pilots are available below.


Replacement Pilots


PART NO. 9112 (Supplied with #9111)

Dimension .825˝ and 1.495˝


PART NO. 9113 (Supplied with #9111)

Dimension 1.100˝ and 1.375˝


PART NO. 9114 (Supplied with #9111)

Dimension 1.340˝ and 1.700˝


PART NO. 9115



PART NO. 9117

Dimension .785˝ and 1.565˝


PART NO. 9118

Dimension 1.105˝ and 1.255˝


PART NO. 9118

Dimension .705˝ and 1.610˝

Front Sleeve Installer

Each model sleeve has a specific installation tool, which uses the crankshaft "snout" to align properly for installation.





PART NO. 1040

For use on Ford 1.6L, 1.9L, 2.3L HSC and 2.5L HSC


PART NO. 1042

For use on Ford 2.3L OHC


PART NO. 1043

For use on Probe 2.2L


PART NO. 1044

For use on Mercury Tracer 1.6L


PART NO. 1045

For use on Chrysler 30L


PART NO. 1046

For use on Chrysler 2.2L, 2.5L, 3.3L and 3.8L

Nylon Installation Tool

For Rear Crankshaft Sleeves





PART NO. 9000

This general purpose installation tool will drive on all rear CLASSIC Sleeves. Use with a hammer.


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