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Q.  My Carbide Boring Tool makes a "RUMBLE" noise when I bore guides. Why is this?

A.  The "RUMBLE" noise is actually the tool chattering. To eliminate this, just push down a little harder, forcing the tool to cut.


Q.  Why do I have to install the Bronze-Liner from the "spring side" of the cylinder head?

A.  You could actually install the Bronze-Liner fron either side, however, it is just easier to install from the spring side.


Q.  Why "WET BRUSH" the bored guides prior to Bronze-Liner installation?

A.  Wet brushing does three things:

      Removes the chips and dust from the guide;

      Aids in installation of the Bronze-Liner, and;

      Aids in the finishing operation because the Bronze-Liner actually "grows" during Ball Sizing.


Q.  Why would I use the Carbide Sizing Ball? Why is it so special?

A.  Our Carbide Balls are over 90 Rockwell in hardness. By being this tough, the ball will last for a VERY long time.


Q.  The Carbide Ball is so small; I am afraid of losing it. What do you recommend?

A.  To eliminate loosing the ball, all you need to do is keep it on the bench. A small "lip" on the edge of the bench will insure that the ball stays on top.


Q.  I sometimes get cylinder heads in that already have Bronze-Liners installed. How do I get the older Bronze-Liners out?

A.  We make a special "SLICING" too just for that purpose. Insert it in the top of the guide, hammer it through, and the Bronze-Liner will come right out.


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