Removal Tool

For Bronze-Liners


Our own unique design to remove an old Bronze-Liner. Tool relieves two sides of an old guide, neatly and quickly removing the Bronze-Liner without touching the original reamed hole, leaving it ready for a new installation.

PART NO.                   SIZE

7356         For 5mm Standard Liners

7354         For 5.5mm Standard Liners

7352         For 6mm Standard Liners

7342         For 6.6mm Standard Liners

7344         For 7mm Standard Liners

7310         For 5/16˝ Standard Liners

7320         For 8mm Standard Liners

7348         For 9mm Standard Liners

7330         For 11/32˝ Standard Liners

7340         For 3/8˝ Standard Liners

7315         For 5/16˝ Undersize Liners

7325         For 8mm Undersize Liners

7335         For 11/32˝ Undersize Liners

7345         For 3/8˝ Undersize Liners

Ball Pusher

P.E.R. Style


Used to drive carbide sizing ball.


4452-P    For 5.5mm and 6mm Bronze-Liners

4446-P    For 6.6mm and 7mm Bronze-Liners

4444-P    For 3/8˝, 11/32˝, 8mm, 5/16˝ and 9mm Bronze-Liners

4454-P    For 5mm Bronze-Liners

Chamfer Tool

Deburring Tool


PART NO. 5800

Used to remove burrs on inside of guide.


For Chamfer Tool


PART NO. 5870


Universal Driver Attachment


PART NO. 7333

Fits into air hammer spring retainer and powers all installation, sizing and removal tools.

Trimming Tool & Pilots


5600   Trimming Tool - .500˝ O.D.

5602   Trimming Tool - .400˝ O.D.

5636   Pilot for 5mm

5634   Pilot for 5.5mm & 6mm

5626   Pilot for 7mm

5620   Pilot for 5/16˝ & 8mm

5622   Pilot for 11/32˝

5630   Pilot for 9mm

5624   Pilot for 3/8˝


NOTE: Pilots for trimming tool have been machined to accomodate Standard and Undersize Bronze-Liners.


Holder and Driver combination for

Bronze-Liner Installation


Rebuilders who wish additional speed and simplicity in installation may prefer to order the "Auto-Driver". The Holder/Driver combination eliminates holder loading and allows one-handed installation. The "Auto-Driver" will definitely reduce installation time.


The following part numbers of assemblies will install all of the CLASSIC Bronze-Liners for Standard, .002 Undersize and .005 Undersize.

PART NO.               SIZE

3610                5mm

3600                5.5mm & 6mm

3566                6.6mm

3507                7mm

PART NO.               SIZE

3500                5/16˝ & 8mm

3504                11/32˝

3512                9mm

3506                3/8˝


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